Easy Textured Baby Blanket Pattern

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a very easy baby blanket project on a rigid heddle loom. I wanted this project to be simple, but still visually interesting. I decided to use some variegated acrylic yarn because I am a big fan of yarn that changes color by itself. It always makes fascinating project without much effort. However, for this project, I thought that the variegated colors themselves were not enough. This is why I decided to add some texture in the warp in the form of textured stripes. Here’s how I did this easy textured baby blanket pattern.

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Planning the pattern

In weaving, planning the project is as important as the weaving itself. So, I took the time to sit down and plan it all out. To help me, I used some paper tape measure that I fixed to the bottom of my heddle. This way, I was making sure that the texture stripes will be evenly spread out. I decided to make those stripes at every 2”. I used some scarp yarn to indicate where I wanted the stripes. This would help me when I will be warping.

I started calculating from the middle of the heddle to make sure that the pattern would be symmetrical. After I finished indicating every 2” spots, I realized that I wanted more. Therefore, I decided that some textured stripes will be thicker than others. Again, starting from the middle of the heddle, I indicated with anther color of scrap yarn every other 2” spot.

In a nutshell, where the scarp yarn is beige, I will be doubling the warp threads. Where there is the beige scrap yarn and the blue scrap yarn, I will be tripling the warp threads. This I how I will get the textured stripes in the warp.

On this close-up, we can easily see the thinner textured stripe on the left and the thicker textured stripe on the right.

The specifics

As it is a baby blanket, I warped all the way through my heddle. I own an 80 cm (32”) Ashford rigid heddle loom. I find that this is the perfect width for this kind of blanket. Also, if you have a smaller loom, it would still be possible to make this project. You would simply need to weave multiples panels and sew them together. The seem can even work as a textured stripe!

I used light acrylic yarn size 3. It worked well in my 12.5 heddle. I think it would also work great in a size 10 heddle.

If you are looking to buy extra heddles, the Woolery has them all! You can access their shop through this link: https://woolery.com/weaving/reeds-heddles-raddles/rigid-heddles.html?aff=214

Finishing touches

Once the blanket was off the loom, I cut the fringes. I cut them quite short for safety reasons and also because I thought it was cute! After, I gave the blanket a good bath, I ironed it and it was ready to be given away! It’s so nice to give I gift that will warp a baby in love and warmth. It’s even better when it’s such a nice textured baby blanket pattern.

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